HoldCover is a leading insurance aggregator in Hong Kong, providing 24/7 instant service and a one-stop insurance experience online.

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About the company

HoldCover, founded in 2021, is a leading insurance aggregator in Hong Kong, committed to providing a seamless and convenient insurance experience online. As an innovative insurtech company, we have revolutionized the way individuals and businesses in Hong Kong access insurance products.

At HoldCover, we have partnered with over 30 well-known insurers, offering a comprehensive selection of more than 1,000 insurance plans. Our platform handles an impressive volume of more than 10,000 insurance policies and inquiries each month, catering to the diverse needs of our customers. We are dedicated to ensuring that our users have access to instant service, 24/7, from the comfort of their own devices.

We prioritize the user experience and understand the importance of real-time services in building trust and credibility. Our robust platform stability allows us to continuously expand our product offerings, providing our customers with a wide range of innovative insurance solutions. With HoldCover, Hongkongers can rest assured that their daily needs are protected, and we are committed to adapting to market demands by rapidly responding with new and dynamic insurance products.

About the founder
Terrance Cheung, the visionary founder and CEO of HoldCover, is a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in business management, information technology, and financial markets. With a passion for transforming the traditional insurance market, Terrance aims to build a world-class insurance platform that leverages cutting-edge technology, minimizing the need for human intervention. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Information Systems and a Master of Business Administration degree from The University of Hong Kong. At HoldCover, we believe in simplifying insurance through the power of technology. Our goal is to make it easy for individuals to protect their daily lives in every way possible. Join us on our journey to revolutionize the insurance industry in Hong Kong and beyond.
We simplify insurance with technology, making it easy to protect your daily life in every way possible!
Terrance Cheung, CEO of HoldCover
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